Fine Custom Cabinets for Every Room of Your Home or Office

When you want to offer fine home or office cabinetry and solid hardwood desks, built to exacting standards for enduring use, River Woodworking is your source.

Select the trim style, wood and finish to bring new character to your space. Cabinets that stand up over time and that can be sized and built to accommodate unique fits, room dimensions and character.

A place for decisions should look the part – and our ensemble of office furniture does just that. Make an inviting statement with a suite of office furnishings. Each custom piece shows one-of-a-kind wood grain highlighted by eye-pleasing finishes, hand-built for lasting use.

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Design Center

You’ll find a portfolio of design options from River Woodworking. It starts with quality-sourced hardwood, from bold and rich to light and bright tones, and includes an impressive menu of styles, hardware, upholstery, and trim. We work closely with you to make deciding easy and enjoyable.
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River Woodworking Design Center

Member of NIWA

The Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association (NIWA) is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovative design in woodcrafting. We provide value to our customers through our honest, personable service and heirloom-quality products. Members are committed to teamwork among themselves and with patrons.
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