Home Cabinets

Select the trim style, wood and finish to bring new character to your space. Cabinets that stand up over time and that can be sized and built to accommodate unique fits, room dimensions and character.

Kitchen Cabinets

Select among an array of options that will help you set a delightful tone, while giving you the storage you need. From modern appeal with clean lines to country modern or cottage cozy, you can truly add something that makes your home distinctively welcome.

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Entertaining Area Designs

Custom built for your favorite gathering places. We’ll help you select the wood species and color finish to help you visualize the finished product. Take comfort, you‘ll get what you love.

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Bathroom Cabinets

Select cabinets that serve as an attractive combination of utility and quality from River Woodworking. We can offer ideas or work with designers to produce pieces that please you every time you step into the space.

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Misc. Cabinetry

Enhance mud rooms, entry ways, laundry rooms and more with cabinetry within arm’s reach. We can make recommendations to fit the existing plan or design pieces to match a remodel or upgrade.